2015 Good Neighbour Winners Announced

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2015 Good Neighbour Winners Announced

Sacro’s Aberdeen & Aberdeenshire Community Mediation, the neighbour dispute resolution service, has chosen the winners of its “Good Neighbour” award for 2015.

Mr and Mrs Garry McNulty from Northfield, Aberdeen and Mr Frank Caie of Cammachmore, Stonehaven were selected from those nominated for the award

The winners were awarded a meal for two supplied by The Brentwood Hotel Crown Street Aberdeen.

The neighbours who nominated our winners had this to say about their neighbours:

"Fiona and Garry treat us like extended family. You can always rely on them to help if they can. Both of them are caring, neighbourly people. For years Frank has dedicated himself to keeping Cammachmore tidy, such as planting flowers, clearing pavements and helping with neighbours’ gardens. For over 20 years he has looked out for elderly neighbours.”

Mediation service team leader Irene Reid added: “We are delighted to be able to present this prize to Fiona, Garry and Frank. They are to be commended for all the help they have given their neighbours and have set an excellent example for us all.” She also added: “This was never going to be an easy decision to make, as were always aware that most people make excellent neighbours who go out of their way to help their neighbours in various ways. We would like to say a hearty “well done” to all nominees and encourage them to continue to enjoy their neighbourhoods to the full”

The prizes were presented to Gemma Nistorica and Sheila Barclay on behalf of our winners on 1 December at the Brentwood Hotel Crown Street Aberdeen.

Aberdeen & Aberdeenshire Community Mediation is managed by Sacro in partnership with Aberdeen City Council and Aberdeenshire Council. The service offers mediation free at the point of delivery to all residents, irrespective of housing tenure. For further information about the award, please contact Irene Reid on 01224 560572, e-mail: ireid@sacro.org.uk

Written by
Robert Lambden
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