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Guidance Booklets

Are you looking for an in-depth discussion of particular aspects of mediation practice or managing a mediation service? Our Community Mediation Guidance Booklets covers a wide range of issues related to the setting up and running of community mediation services and to broader issues in community conflict resolution.

Please note some references to legislation and some contact details may not be up to date. Contact SCMC if you have any queries.

Resolving Neighbourhood Problems Informally

A general guide to Community Mediation as practiced in Scotland.

Choosing a Model of Service Delivery

A guide for agencies commissioning mediation services on different models of service delivery and how to choose the appropriate one.

Ensuring Good Practice

Information and advice on establishing and maintaining good mediator practice, including training, use of volunteers, staff recruitment and support , referrals, case management, and other issues.

Measuring Service Performance

Techniques of monitoring and evaluating mediator and mediation service practice.

Problems and Strategies

Practical tips and advice for mediators when they encounter tricky situations or dilemmas in the course of mediating.

Helping to Build Positive Communities

A discussion on how far community mediation can and should go in helping to empower disadvantaged communities, and a discussion of the meaning and limits of neutrality and impartiality.