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The Scottish Community Mediation Centre is the administrative body for the Scottish Community Mediation Network (SCMN).  Established in 1996 the SCMN represents all community mediation services throughout Scotland.  For a full list of community mediation services click here.

Different models of service provision have been developed, from independent specialist charities to in-house local authority mediation services. All models, however, share a basic requirement that mediators work with the public in a safe, effective and efficient way. SCMN has been accepted as an ‘approved body’ for the purposes of the Scottish Mediation Register.

Members of the Network meet online every four months, each meeting being hosted by a different mediation service from around Scotland.  These meetings are a popular opportunity for mediators and services to keep up to date with developments in Scottish mediation, exchange information and skills and learn from each other.

“SCMN Meetings allow me the opportunities to discuss relevant mediation issues and to share good practice with fellow network members on a regular occurrence” 

(Gary, West Dunbartonshire Mediation)

“Meeting together with colleagues is central to developing my own service particularly as I look to expand the Business. SCMN meetings give you the opportunity to discuss and share ideas with like minded people”

(George, Midlothian Mediation)

"I find the SCMN meetings dynamic, forward focused and so incredibly valuable in promoting all that is best in Scottish mediation. It's a pleasure to be involved with so many dedicated individuals, who in representing mediation services from all over Scotland, share their common passion and energy in driving forward their belief that mediation is one of the most vital methods for tackling conflict within our communities." 

(Andy, Perth & Kinross Community Mediation)

The Network provides an opportunity for members to share experience and develop best practice and in recent years has developed standards and accreditation schemes.

There is also a network for all different types of mediation across Scotland that is called the Scottish Mediation – full details of which are available on their website