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Mediation in Midlothian:News

Midlothian local authority recently confirmed plans to expand their mediation provision within the council.

Helen Graham – Community Mediation Co-Ordinator – told the Centre this week that following a report earlier in 2015 the council is introducing workplace mediation as an option for dispute resolution across the organisation. At the same time the service’s young people and families mediation continues to expand.

Helen said “I am really excited about it, we have done a lot of development work and we have evaluated the service as far as taking on young people and families mediation. We are now working with lots of children who have been excluded from school and have developed good relationships with local schools. We are currently finishing recruitment of more staff to meet the demand.”

The service takes referrals from schools as well as various agencies such as Childrens1st and Homelink. More information is available here .

Written by
Robert Lambden
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