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Noise Annoys

For many people, excessive noise is a disruptive and distressing intrusion into their everyday life and can have a significant impact on their wellbeing and quality of life.

This week is Noise Action Week and many organisations are working to highlight the impact that unwanted noise can have on people and show how it can be addressed effectively before escalating into a more serious dispute.

Community Mediation services have helped thousands of households in Scotland to resolve conflict resulting from unwanted and excessive noise. Mediation is widely regarded as one of the most effective ways of resolving these disputes, most of which stem from a lack of consideration and communication.

Mediation works by helping neighbours to think about the noise that disturbs them and also about the noise they make. They can then act as go-betweens or bring neighbours together to talk about the noise and how it is affecting them. This can be as straightforward as an agreement not to play music above a certain level, or to give prior notice of a party.

Mediators believe that promoting good communication between neighbours is the key to addressing noise and other problems and can help stop these problems arising in the future. In the vast majority of noise disputes, those who have taken the opportunity of mediation have found that the service is invaluable in helping neighbours reach a solution – a solution which can dramatically improve their quality of life.

One client reflects upon the impact for their family: “Sometimes even to speak with a complete outsider eases the stress of the problem”.

Community Mediation is a free, voluntary and confidential service. Trained mediators will not take sides but offer to work with all involved to find practical solutions to neighbour problems. Find your nearest mediation service here.

Written by
Alan Mairs
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